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naked lunch

Consider This Post A Controlled Substance

Posted on 2008.03.01 at 07:53
If you’re a Variant Frequencies subscriber then you’ve probably already heard this spiel (as well as heard the debut of the razor fuckin’ promo featuring endorsements from the biggest names in the podfic game). Read this post anyway. You can now PRE-ORDER my first short story collection The Next Fix from the Apex Shopping Mall.

That’s right, kids! Reserve it like it’s hot!

“Absolution, Insured” (Parsec Award Winner, 2006)
“The Losting Corridor”
“No World for Warriors” (Parsec Award Winner, 2007)
“Another Man’s Run”
“The Last Frequency”
“Mercury’s Magnitude”
“A Place of Snow Angels”
“My Caroline”
“Killing Jars”
“Old Tricks” (with DM Moehrle)
“The End of Flesh”

In the words of the Flying Pig, “Boy, what a line up!” And remember that every single person who pre-orders The Next Fix in limited edition hardcover will receive it personally autographed by me. I’ve even vowed to compose an original dirty limerick using your name and/or the word of your choice upon request. However, once the book drops you will have to sever my hand and reanimate it to get me to sign it for you. Because I am a petty, spiteful bastard.

Spread the words, folks. Whether it's by running the promo and talking about it on your podcast, blogging it, tweeting it, or just telling one friend. Advertising is a cheap Bangkok whore and word of mouth is GOD. I need you to worship at its altar on this one.

Two other BIG announcements: The first is the launching of TheNextFix.net which is now officially the nexus of all roads leading to and from the worlds of The Next Fix. We’re still updating and we’re going to be adding new content all the time, so be sure to bookmark it.

The true purpose of the website leads us into my next announcement. I am officially forming a WORLD-WIDE street team I have dubbed Variant Fiends to act as my own personal guerilla marketing army in major cities around the globe. These fearless street soldiers, who are much cooler than you, will carry out what we at TheNextFix.net call “seeker missions” in their separate urban sprawls to help promote the collection. And these people will not be some anonymous thankless slave force from whom I just take, take, take. That is not how we roll here. Those with the juice to enlist will be receiving TONS of free swag through the mail and will be touted on the website with the highest rank and insignia.

There are already confirmed members in New York City, Austin, Portland, and Milwaukee. I am also accepting soldiers into the ranks of Variant Fiends INTERNATIONAL. Check out TheNextFix.net to learn more.

The first charge of Variant Fiends begins this coming week with “Seeking: PHENOMENOLOGY” so if you want to get in on this, act soon.

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