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busted brow

Top 10 Memories of My Big Ass Extreme Weekend Birthday Bash

Posted on 2008.07.29 at 19:31
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Current Music: "We Call Upon the Author" by Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds
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1) Being picked up at the airport, not just by Mur Lafferty, but by Mur Lafferty wearing a shining tiara atop her long flowing tri-colored hair. A pretty pretty princess if ever one drove a midrange SUV.

2) Meeting The Pink Tornado and being awed by her powers of articulation, concentration, and her ability to instantly name and give backstory to stuffed animals.

3) Feasting on katsudon with same, The Doctor, The Last Moon Ranger, Vagus “Jim” Vegas, The Silver Bullet, and Ryn (whose loveliness obviously defies excess nomenclature).

4) Standing in the middle of a Sally’s yelling “CAN SOMEONE WHO WORKS HERE TELL ME WHERE THE TINT BRUSHES ARE?!”

5) Undertaking the Great Sugarless Pie Hunt with Dr. John Cmar and the discovery of not only pie, but the ULTIMATE midget wrestler finishing maneuver. I give you 42 Pounds at an Uncomfortable Angle.

8) Planting my flag under the mighty ceiling fan in Mur’s kitchen during the party and the old and new faces that graced my camp throughout the evening.

7) Swallowing an entire bottle of eleven-dollar vanilla rum in conjunction with #8. Neither healthy nor recommended if you aren’t Matt fucking Wallace (which none of you are, nor will you ever be. This knowledge is harsh, but it may save your life).

8) Cocktails named after Paul Simon lyrics and appetizers named after ? at the gay bar and grill on the corner with Susan Z and Kath and their loyal menfolk.

9) Gutwrenching Kath upside-down and shaking her like a British nanny.

10) Staying up ‘til after 7:00 in the a.m. talking with Crazy Ann about parlor tricks, pandas as a reoccurring theme, Hello Kitty vibrators, game vs. code, my responsibility to twenty-something women with Tourette’s and future embittered suburban housewives, and everything and anything in-between.

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