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Metal Hurlant

Capturing the New Weird

Posted on 2007.08.09 at 17:36
Current Mood: ecstaticecstatic
Continuing to marvel at the violent work of art that is Murky Depths, I'd like to share some home movies of our baby with all of you. I haven't gone this hog wild with my digital camera since I convinced that Vanderbilt coed I was a photography major and the 12-inch kielbasa would be a statement about America's intrusive Middle Eastern foreign policy.

I'm wearing my protective eye gear. A free pair is included with every issue of Murky Depths. They're to help you safely BASK IN THE RADIANT GLOW OF OUR AWESOMENESS.

My name is listed first because I'm bigger than all the other editors. And I don't mean in the field, I mean they're all a little scared of me.

This glaring low-res snapshot doesn't come close to doing "Looking In, Looking Out" by Gareth D. Jones justice. This was one of the very first stories I pushed for the issue. Inventive, funny, poignant. But that layout just takes it to another level. Fucking gorgeous beyond all reason, man. It's easily my favorite presentation of any piece in the 'zine. Any piece in any 'zine, in fact. First big house I buy, I'm having Terry blow this one up to ridiculous scale so I can hang it on my wall.

Pages from Richard Calder's first-time exclusive graphic opus Death and the Maiden. I get half a stock just looking at it.

A kickass example of the two-page cover spreads we created for each story. The illustrators and Terry's layout laid their thing down like no one's business. The above is for "Cyberevenge, Inc." by Eugie Foster, one of my favorite stories of the issue. Maybe one of my favorites of the year so far.

Empathy, rising British star Luke Cooper's gritty paranormal crime comic. I was insanely pleased with the production values of all the graphic stuff. I think it's a HUGE improvement over the promo issue. The tones are really rich and varied without being too dark. You can get to the last page without realizing the interior is completely black and white. Expect to see a lot more of Luke's work in the pages of MD.

Your first look at issue #2, coming December 2007. We're going to be featuring world-renowned edgy fantasy maestro Stan Nicholls, author of the insanely badass Orcs: First Blood series, as well as the next stanza of Richard Calder's Death and the Maiden. The rest of the issue is already stacking up monolith-style, with stories from the likes of KA Patterson, Willie Meikle, AR Yngve, Kurt Kirchmeier, Edward Morris, Jason Sizemore, Hannah Davey, Mike Driver, and DM Moehrle, for starters.

In conclusion, you really need to hold this mother in your hands, feel and see the quality, read the stories and the comics, absorb the amazing presentation, to understand why I'm gushing like such a fucking nancy here. Beyond helping to assemble what I think is an endlessly readable table of contents, I really feel like we created art here. And I don't often feel like an "artist" (however the fuck an artist is supposed to feel). And how often do you purchase something you can appreciate as art that will also entertain the shit out of you and provide many hours of phantasmagorical escapism?

No, go ahead, answer me. I dare you. I double dog dare you.

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