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frazetta's deathdealer

Wars come and go, but my geeks stay eternal.

Posted on 2008.01.10 at 18:13
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I may've mentioned this before, but I'm not a crier. It's not a macho thing. I just never developed the reflex. It's not even something I'm particularly proud of. There have been times, losses, friends, comrades, family members, when tears would've been wholly appropriate and the fact they didn't come made me feel somewhat like a latent sociopath. Plenty of things choke me up, but offhand I can only recall a few instances when I openly wept. One was when my dog, Prince, suddenly stroked out and died. One was when the Columbia broke up during reentry. And the last was about halfway through reading this post today.

What you'll be viewing if you click that link is the final blog entry of Andrew Olmsted, a hardcore geek and soldier who wrote an essay to be posted upon his death. Well, it's been posted.

It was the oddest, most unexpected thing. I didn't know this cat. I'd never heard of him or read his blog until I saw the link in susan_z and southernronin's livejournals. But he had style for miles, man. And he could quote Babylon 5 like an old sage. I value both qualities equally. And maybe that's the reason, reading his words intercut with those spoken by Andreas Katsulas, a boyhood king of badass of mine who's also gone now.

And it might be that he sounds a lot like me. Although I probably would've said "fuck" more.

So, yeah. A lot of people die every day and I'm appropriately desensitized to most of them, but this one managed to slip the wall. I think in and of itself that act of ninjutsu merits a coupla moments of remembrance. But Andrew was also a guy I could've hung with. Another rare and valued quality. He stomped on the blogosphere. Lord Buckley said that. Sorta.

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